Noandishan Pishro Talab (NOPT Co.)


With Reg. No. 448713 starts its official activities on 15.01.2014 having organized and experienced staff. This company starts its activity in the field of consulting and facilitate change management for Iranian Companies.

NOPT Co. continued its path to arrange some professional training seminars/workshops for companies in different topics like Strategy, Marketing, HR and … with foreign companies, universities, factories and leaders of the market.

What we do now as an abstract are:

  • Consultation


In this world, there are lots of complexity especially in the way businesses are going. We have to take care of fluctuations happening every day and this can not be happen if you have someone beside you to check out the big picture for you and let you know alerts about the market.


Huge uncertainty is a head of this market and you better to get ready for rainy day and be able to have financial strategic planning and make your decisions accordingly.


If you stay with no progress, competitors will grow so fast. Therefore we are here to help you with the best options with the the most updated Seminars and Workshops. 

They will be arranged in The Netherlands and Germany, later in the UK and Belgium with total package.

  • Trading:

 We bring you what you are looking for, with good price, reliable schedule.

Raw Material


Representation and Licensing



Having experienced Human Resource in different countries is helping us to develop our services with high quality for our customers.

Consultant and

Deputy Director

Dr. Hadi Mohammadi

(+۹۸)۹۱۲ ۳۰۶ ۹۴۲۵

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Elham Habibi

(+۹۸) ۹۱۲۳۱۲۹۷۳۰

CEO and Co-founder

 Mr. Amir Kooshabadi

 (+۹۸)۹۱۲ ۳۲۱ ۸۴۰۱